Tuesday, October 19, 2010

its a 30 to 1 thing

so i was having a conversation with my roommates last night and i asked the question why is it that women keep writing these song about dealing with the no good low down dudes. so my room mate says to me "for every one of you there's 30 no good dudes out there. REALLY?

Friday, June 11, 2010

But Your Just Lenny?

So i had a situation pop up in my life that i am no stranger to. I am sitting on my bed with a young lady who is a very good friend of mine. Im playing video games and she is surfing the net. Now we have somewhat of a flirtatious relationship, some touching, rubbing and laying on each other. We have even had a make out session on one occasion. Now supposedly were both in quite the dry spell and have had many the sex conversation, even about sex with each other. How her in lies the hilarity to me, i have openly asked her if she wanted to have sex once while we were laying in bed after she spent the night she said no. So back to the latest situation BED, ROOM, US, TV, ..............TIME, SPACE, OPPORTUNITY. So i bring up the subject again and she says "if you weren't my friend i would just rip your clothes off right here and fuck you. i ask why would us being friends be the reason for us not to sleep together. YOUR JUST LENNY is what she says, but in reality.............Drum roll please..................... Her Heart is still attached to her Vagina! she has never had sex with someone and not ended up falling for them. Now me being the bastard that i am i tell her she will grow out of it like the rest of us do. so she refers to a character on grays anatomy who is the same way and has been all her life. i say "thats just a tv character". She says "well thats the way i am and i plan on staying that way". so that was the end of that conversation

all i can say is REALLY?

Whats A little Sex Between Friends?

I believe that most people will say that sex can ruin a friendship, but i on the other hand feel differently. i have quite a few people in the friends file who i have slept and plan on adding a few more. Maybe its just me but the relationships have never changed even after the sex. i think its all about the person or persons who are friends. if their both on the same page and everyone is completely open about they're feeling and what they are looking for out of the situation than there is no room for error. i have seen this situation go bad and end friendships or at-least make people estranged. i say if sex is just sex or like i call it friends helping friends than there is nothing wrong with a little sex between friends. So every one get out there and enjoy your friends for all their worth

Hotel Room Windows

You live your life through sun glasses, contacts, car windows. I see my life through hotel room windows. Every two to three days its another city another town another view.

To Be Continued!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why i Hate People

I find it very strange that when birthdays come around (well for some people) Every one goes hard to make it a big celebration and get every one together. My birthday this year more or less sucked........................i had one friend with me and a few associates. and i stayed home even thou i wanted to go out and maybe have dinner or something. where were all of my "friends" god only knows so excuse me if i dont give a fuck right now. my own family sent me text messages not even phone calls HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY- IM going to the gym!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OH the joys of learning

No wait iam just kidding. i have spent the whole day studying studying studying, and my brain is officially shot. i fucked rocked the shit out of SCIENCE it is my bitch. but than come in his estranged cousin MATH. that bastard. it annoyed me so i just decided to clean up my room some and it did work. i felt better than i had a beer or two yeah i have a problem lol.GET OVER IT.

Peace Out Bitch

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh shit where did i fall off again

yeah this i s a venting session so fuck you if your feelings are hurt this is all the fuck about me i was supposed to be starting a work out regimen doing some p90x and getting all sexy for the summer but i been slacking on that and its the middle of the summer already i just say the crazy live rock band tonight and it make me up set that i am not in a band or even know how to play my guitar in any way shape or form i am doing a few good thing and making a few positive moves these days i have my ged test scheduled and am trying to study my ass of so i can slam dunk that shit with i know i am gonna do i had a car but i relied on others the help me get it on the road and of course it came back to bite me in the ass so ill never do that again any ways TIME TO GET BACK ON MY GRIND AND SHAKE OFF ALL THIS SHIT THAT HOLDING ME BACK